“Betting on the Future”…this is more than a tag line, it is a representation of the content we create, as well as the audience that we create it for.

In the rapidly expanding sports betting market, Sports Gaming Media, LLC, was formed to produce a broad range of proprietary new products for the I-Gaming and Sports Betting Industry.

Our corporate mission is to play an intricate and vital role in the future evolution of sports betting and the I-Gaming industry. From responsible gaming practices to educational course instruction on sports wagering, our goal is to be a champion of the educated bettor. We are encouraged by the demand for quality, informative and industry-specific audio, video programming, as well as printed sports wagering publications. It is our intention to provide tools to assist the sports betting community make more informative decisions when wagering. With our nationally recognized multi-media-based platforms, we can now syndicate this content on an international basis. With our distribution network in place, this allows Sports Gaming Media to create, connect and establish a direct interactive link sports bettors around the world. Expanding our ever growing demographic audience reach, our main goal is to create the most fan-engaging, fan-essential experience a sports bettor can enjoy and remember for the rest of their days.

The owner of Sports Gaming Media, LLC has earned a solid reputation in the field of sports wagering, sports broadcasting (both audio and video production) as he has been responsible for many sporting events that aired on networks such as Fox College Sports, Altitude Sports, Fox Sports Atlantic, and hundreds of TV stations across the United States.

Sports Gaming Media has hired highly skilled gaming professional with years of experience as its core management team in order to achieve success. It is with this qualified management team that Sports Gaming Media is making the strides it is has to date. Combined with unlimited marketing resources, strategic business collaborations, and a viable media distribution network in place, Sports Gaming Media, LLC has positioned itself to move forward in a positive growth-effective manner. With the sports betting industry’s legalization state by state growing at an alarming rate, phenomenal opportunities exist for a company such as Sports Gaming Media.

Sports Gaming Media has secured multiple broadcast agreements with both terrestrial radio and television stations. Sports betting content is in high-demand and media operators are seeking working relationships with companies that provide such engaging programming. Sports Gaming Media, LLC has secured multiple Letters-Of-Intent (L-O-I’s) with multiple broadcast media ownership groups.

The wide-range of sports betting and media-based industries in which the leaders of Sports Gaming Media have a proven track record, serves as an incentive for those seeking a strong investment opportunity. While capitalizing on the potential for a strong future growth with a financially positive forecast, the entrepreneurial spirit and desire for results-driven expectations only exceed the companies attractive opportunity for its investors to realize a profit.